This toolbox contains 74 actions already taken by cities, counties, and regional governments which can mitigate the deterioration of the Earth’s climate. Feel free to adapt them to your region.

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Energy use reporting

Buildings, Energy / November 10, 2021

Description: Some cities are requiring building owners to publicly disclose the annual energy and water used in their buildings. New York City Local Law 84 initially required buildings larger than …

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Ensure climate literacy

Community Education & Action / November 09, 2021

Description: A Climate Literacy Committee was formed within the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club in 2016 to ensure that high school students graduate climate literate. This Committee …

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Create clean energy fund

Buildings, Community Education & Action, Energy, Equity / November 09, 2021

Description: The Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF), also known as the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, was a measure that appeared on the Portland (Oregon) municipal ballot on November 6, 2018. …

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Electric vehicle (EV) rebates

Air Pollution Agencies / November 07, 2021

Description: Programs offered by state air pollution agencies and administered by participating electric utilities or community choice energy services can provide incentives and rebates to prospective buyers of Battery Electric …

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Reduce VMT by congestion mitigation tax

Transportation & Land Use / November 07, 2021

Description: A ballot proposal was passed in San Francisco, CA in November 2019 that would place a tax on rideshare companies (also known as Transportation Network Companies) like Uber and …

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Reduce VMT by congestion pricing

Transportation & Land Use / November 07, 2021

Description: Transportation Demand Management or Cordon Area Congestion Pricing (also called Value Pricing by the Federal Highway Authority) is considered by most transportation experts to be the most effective strategy …

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Reduce single-use disposable (SUD) foodware and packaging

Waste / November 06, 2021

Description: Single-use disposable foodware and packaging (SUDs) – including plates, cutlery, cups, lids, straws, “clamshells” and other containers – are a major contributor to street litter, ocean pollution, marine and …

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Transportation District grants

Transportation & Land Use / November 06, 2021

Description: The San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation District established a grant program to award transportation infrastructure dollars to the cities and counties that produce or preserve the largest number …

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Material reuse ordinance

Materials, Waste / November 05, 2021

Description: In Portland, OR, more than 250 to 300 single-family homes are demolished each year. This produces thousands of tons of waste — a majority of which could be salvaged …

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Increased access to ZEVs

Equity, Transportation & Land Use / November 05, 2021

Description: The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund awarded funding to the Sacramento Air Quality Management District to start the CarShare program in the Greater Sacramento, CA area. It has provided free …

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Implement neighborhood leadership panel

Equity / November 04, 2021

Description: In July of 2020, the city of Oakland, CA approved its 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP), the City’s new 10-year plan for mitigating and adapting to the climate …

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Use low-GHG cement

Industry, Materials / November 03, 2021

Description: The climate action plan for King County, WA includes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a criterion in purchasing decisions. King County implemented a tracking mechanism for concrete and cement …

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Increase local renewable energy

Energy / November 03, 2021

Description: The city of San Diego, CA was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to participate in a collaborative effort to explore new ways …

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Cool Block program

Community Education & Action / November 02, 2021

Description: The Cool Block program (previously piloted in the California cities of Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and San Francisco) engages teams of neighbors living on a block (or in an …

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Hire sustainability coordinator

Community Education & Action / November 01, 2021

Description: Novato (Marin County, CA) is an example of a small municipality, which can find it difficult to implement its climate action plan without dedicated internal resources and knowledgeable staff. …

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Promote lowest feasible carbon emissions

Community Choice Aggregation, Energy / October 31, 2021

Description: Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs serve their customers by providing different power products offering varying percentages of clean power, up to 100% renewable. Examples of CCAs leading on decarbonization …

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Reverse high exit fees

Community Choice Aggregation / October 31, 2021

Description: State level utility commissions in states allowing Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) may impose fees on CCAs intended to prevent rate increases for accounts that remain with investor owned utilities …

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California reach code requiring solar and living roofs

Buildings / October 30, 2021

Description: Effective January 1st, 2017, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to mandate solar and living roofs on most new construction. With the passage of this amendment to California’s …

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California reach code for cool roofs and solar PV

Buildings / October 30, 2021

Description: Brisbane, CA adopted a local amendment to California’s 2016 Title 24 Building Efficiency Standards. The amendment requires installing cool roofs (reflective roofing that reduces sunlight absorbed by buildings) and solar …

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California reach code for efficient outdoor lighting

Buildings / October 29, 2021

Description: Chula Vista reduced the maximum outdoor lighting power allowances (LPA) from the maximum allowed wattages in the 2016 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for nonresidential building occupancies by 32-81 …

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