Replace high emission vehicles

Description: In response to Assembly Bill 617, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) established the Community Air Protection Program. The Program’s mission is to reduce community exposure to pollution based on environmental, health and socioeconomic information. CARB provided San Diego County $28.5 million in state grants to fund a program which will allow businesses, nonprofits and government organizations to replace their high-emission vehicles with more climate friendly options.

The county is specifically encouraging organizations such as trucking and freight companies, fishing businesses, general contractors, and K-12 schools to apply. The funding for this program comes from the California Climate Investments program, which uses cap-and-trade dollars to spur projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aiming to improve the economy and public health.

Goal: Replace high emission vehicles through the “Clean Air for All Program”

Measurement: Percentage decrease in emissions documented on regional air district annual report

Time to Implement: Approximately two years from adoption of enabling legislation to implementation and funding of the regional program


San Diego County Launches Program to Replace High- Emission Vehicles

San Diego Air Pollution Control District

Additional Information:

CARB, rather than regional air districts, regulates CO2 emissions from sources covered by cap-and-trade (AB 398). Regional air districts, through the Community Air Protection Program, focus primarily on toxic air contaminants and air pollution (AB 617). GHGs and other emissions are reduced by the vehicle replacement program in San Diego.

Community Air Protection Program

Contact Info:

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher
(619) 531-5544

County Supervisor Greg Cox
(619) 531-5511

Sectors(s) Air Pollution Agencies
Date First Adopted 2017
Last Updated August 26, 2019
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