Regional air districts adopt Climate Action Plans

Description: In 2013 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) adopted a regional climate action plan. In 2017 the plan became the basis for BAAQMD including a climate program in its federally mandated 5-year Clean Air Plan. The first GHG rulemaking out of the Clean Air Plan is the Basin-wide Methane Strategy. Implementation of the 2017 plan began with workshops in 2018 and draft rule development in 2019. These workshops and rule-making focused on regulations to reduce methane emissions from leaks, refinery operations, organic materials handling, composting operations, and other stationary sources.

Goal: Regional air districts adopt Climate Action Plans that lead to enforceable measures that reduce methane emissions

Measurement: Percent decline in methane emission from stationary sources

Time to Implement: Several years


BAAQMD Commits to Regional Climate Protection Strategy

Final 2017 Clean Air Plan Volume 1

Final 2017 Clean Air Plan Volume 2

Additional Information:

During the rulemaking phase of implementing the plan, the BAAQMD collected data from many kinds of facilities showing that methane emissions are 2-10 times what has been reported. Ongoing work includes constructing a much more accurate methane inventory for the region.

Contact Info:
Victor Douglas
Manager, Community Engagement and Policy

Sectors(s) Air Pollution Agencies
Date First Adopted November 6, 2013
Last Updated September 2, 2020
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