Power generation from renewable sources

Description: The use of digester gas driven fuel cells allows the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in Riverside County, CA to run some of its Moreno Valley and Perris Valley Regional Water Reclamation facilities during peak hours results in costs reduction of approximately $1 million per year. According to EMWD, the cells produce virtually no toxic emissions, cutting greenhouse gases by more than 10,600 tons annually—the equivalent of taking approximately 1,000 cars off the road for one year.

Goal: Power generation from renewable sources

Measurement: Reduced methane emissions and reduced grid or utility supplied energy use

Time to Implement:


Energy Efficiency Programs – Eastern Municipal Water District

Additional Information:

Perris Valley facility to meet state’s environmental goals

Heat Recovery and Electricity Generation from Fuel Cells in Several California Water/Wastewater Plants

Making the Most of Wastewater

Fuel Cells at Wastewater Treatment Plants – pages 11 to 13

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Jeff Wall
Assistant General Manager, Operations and Maintenance
Eastern Municipal Water District
(951) 928-6255

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Last Updated November 12, 2021
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