First and last mile transit

Description: Multiple cities are piloting van service as an alternative option to bus and commercial ride services. In West Sacramento, CA, vans provide door-to-door service. For a smaller city the size of West Sacramento with short travel distances and plenty of parking, providing a service that residents want to use is a challenge. But it has become popular, exceeding initial estimates of 200 rides a day. In a survey taken 6 months after the pilot began, 34% of users responded that they would have used their car if the service had not been available. The flat rate for a trip is $3.50, and a weekly pass is $15. Seniors and individuals with disabilities get a 50% discount.

Goal: First/Last Mile transit: Reduce single occupancy VMT and close first/last mile gap in transit by providing city residents with microtransit van service on fixed and/or on demand routes

Measurement: Percentage reduction in solo drivers

Time to Implement:
Proposal accepted 9/2017
Year long pilot launched 5/2018
Pilot extended through fiscal year 2019
Again in June 2020, West Sacramento On-Demand Rideshare program extended through June 30, 2022


On-demand rideshare service launches in West Sac

Original West Sacramento Pilot On-Demand Rideshare Presentation

Presentation to extend Pilot Program to 2022

Current West Sac Rideshare Public site

Additional Information:

The pilot was budgeted for $840,000. It’s funded through three sources:

– $60,000 under the Transportation Development Act (TDA) of 1971

– $150,000 under Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Transportation Demand Mgmt. program

– $90,000 in fare revenue

Contact Info:

Sarah Strand
West Sacramento Senior Transportation Manager
(916) 617-5310

Caltrans General Information
(916) 654-2852

Sabrina Bradbury
TDM Program Manager, Sacramento Area Council of Governments
(916) 340-6211

Sectors(s) Transportation & Land Use
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Date First Adopted September 2017
Last Updated July 31, 2020
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