Ensure climate literacy

Description: A Climate Literacy Committee was formed within the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club in 2016 to ensure that high school students graduate climate literate. This Committee is working with local districts and private schools to pass climate literacy resolutions and, post passage, support curriculum development and teacher training to ensure that climate literacy is incorporated into instruction.

Oakland Unified School District finalized approval of a student-initiated climate literacy resolution in February 2019. Implementation is underway in conjunction with the Environmental Justice Caucus (EJC) of Oakland Education Association and is supported by a grant from National Geographic.

Fremont Unified School District finalized approval of a student led climate literacy resolution in May 2021. Implementation underway through the district’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee.

Berkeley Unified School District approved a community led climate literacy resolution in November 2021, including initial funding for development. This is likely the first time funding has been provided in conjunction with a climate literacy resolution in the U.S.

Goal: Ensure climate literacy: Ensure that all California high school students graduate understanding climate change and what they can do about it.

Measurement: Number of districts which adopt a climate literacy resolution and/or implement a cross-disciplinary curriculum which focuses on climate literacy

Time to Implement: Varies


Climate Literacy resources, including Model Resolutions

Berkeley Unified School District Climate Literacy Resolution

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Contact Info:

Sarah Ranney
Sierra Club Volunteer

Sectors(s) Community Education & Action
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Date First Adopted February 13, 2019
Last Updated November 9, 2021
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