Encourage new housing near mass transit

Description: The city of San Diego, CA is scrapping parking mandates for new apartment buildings and condos built near mass transit (specifically, built within a half-mile of a bus rapid transit station, a trolley line or two high-frequency bus routes.) At $35,000-$90,000 per parking space, eliminating a minimum number can reduce construction costs and free up more space for housing. Developers who no longer have a parking mandate must unbundle the cost of parking from the purchase price for a condominium or the rent for an apartment.

Additionally, new developments near transit must include transportation amenities. These could include bike parking, sharing, and repair stations; subsidized transit passes; or onsite businesses which don’t require travel, e.g., food, day care.

Goal: Encourage new housing near mass transit

Measurement: Number of new, more affordable multi-family residences constructed in Transit Priority Areas

Time to Implement: Approximately 4 months for proposal to pass city council


Parking Reforms Press Release

Additional Information:

Contact Info:

Mike Hansen
Planning Director, City of San Diego

Sectors(s) Transportation & Land Use
Date First Adopted March 4, 2019
Last Updated September 3, 2020
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