Electric vehicle readiness policy

Description: The city of San Anselmo, CA amended its general plan to incorporate an “Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Policy.” The policy is comprised of three parts: 1) Increase charger stations from 13 to 162; 2) Convert all city vehicles to electric; 3) Convince residents to purchase EVs.

Goal: Electric vehicle readiness policy: facilitate transition to electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. Goal is 3000 electric cars in town by 2030.

Measurement: EVs registrations increasing from 3% of registrations in 2019 to 23% by 2030

Time to Implement: Goal set to be met by 2030


San Anselmo Electric Vehicle Strategy

Press Release – San Anselmo Electric Vehicle Strategy

Additional Information:

Contact Info:

Kurt Johnson
Sustainability Commission Chair
(970) 729-5051

Elise Semonian
San Anselmo Planning Director
(415) 258-4636

Sectors(s) Transportation & Land Use
Date First Adopted February 12, 2019
Last Updated September 3, 2020
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