Community campaign to reduce GHG emissions

Description: Drawdown Marin (Marin County, CA) is a comprehensive, science-based, community-wide campaign to reduce GHG emissions by personal and community actions. The County, with support and input from the entire community, will work to eliminate fossil fuel use and “drawdown” carbon emissions by designing and implementing solutions in 6 Focus Areas: renewable energy, low-carbon transportation, energy efficient buildings, local food and food waste, carbon sequestration, and resiliency.

Goal: Community campaign to reduce GHG emissions – Drawdown Marin

Measurement: Number of community members engaged

Time to Implement: Enabling resolution passed on October 2017; ongoing work thereafter.



DRAWDOWN: Marin – County of Marin

Drawdown Marin Process Overview

Drawdown: Marin Roadmap developed November 2018, updated June 2019

Additional Information:

Drawdown: Marin Events

Contact Info:

Alice Zanmiller
Marin County Planner
(415) 473-2797

Instagram: @drawdownmarin

Sectors(s) Community Education & Action
Date First Adopted 2017
Last Updated February 22, 2019
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