Climate Parking Fee


The Department of Transportation of Portland, Oregon has increased the cost of parking at city parking meters by $0.20 per transaction to both send a signal to the public about the costs of driving, and to generate funds to be invested in expanding transportation affordability programs.  The fee was implemented July 1, 2022.  Portland estimates that the new on-street parking fee will generate about $2 million per year, and it will go toward programs that encourage people to walk, bike and take transit.  Further rate increases for parking in Portland are contemplated for 2023.


  • Generate revenue to fund alternatives to personal vehicle use, including bike and pedestrian safety infrastructure.
  • Send a price signal about the externalized costs of parking and driving.
  • Subsidize transportation costs for low income residents.


  • Revenue generated for transit and non-auto travel options
  • Reductions in vehicle use (vehicle miles traveled)

Time to Implement:

The idea was first advanced by the POEM (Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility) Task Force in early 2021, and took effect on July 1, 2022.


Parking Climate and Equitable Mobility Transaction Fee

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Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility (POEM)

Pricing Options for Equitable Mobility – Final Report (2021)

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Contact Info:

Shoshana Cohen
Project Manager, POEM
Portland Bureau of Transportation
(503) 823-4466

Emma Sagor
Climate Advisor, American Cities Climate Challenge
Portland Bureau of Transportation
(503) 823-1530

Sectors(s) Equity, Transportation & Land Use
Date First Adopted February 2022
Last Updated September 30, 2022
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