Community Education & Action

Sufficient progress on mitigating climate change will not be achieved without engaging all segments of the community to understand the trade-offs and difficult decisions that will be required. Individuals can engage in a variety of ways:

Non-governmental organizations:

  • Joining/supporting groups which have developed positions and expertise on mitigating actions

Local governments:

  • Public events: sharing information at fairs, farmers markets, special events (e.g., Electric Vehicle Day)
  • Forums: providing feedback at workshops (e.g., on a low carbon transportation plan)
  • Online: visiting websites to participate in surveys, study climate action plans, review ordinances
  • Governance: attending regular meetings of a city council, board of supervisors, advisory board, specialized committees (e.g., electrification, transportation)

Individual action, when coordinated with other community members, can strengthen a sense of shared responsibility and mobilize the action of others to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at individual, household, and community levels.

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