California reach codes for improved building energy efficiency

Description: Marin County requires increased building energy efficiency for all new single- and two-family homes and new multifamily low- and high-rise residential buildings. The ordinance identifies options including increased energy efficiency compared to California’s 2016 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, or combinations including solar photovoltaics (PV) with increased efficiency, all electric construction, electric vehicle (EV) ready or capable (pre-wiring), increased Energy Design Rating (EDR) compared to Title 24, part 6 requirements, or Passive House Institute US Standards. Mixed fuel single- and two-family homes must employ onsite electricity production to offset annual electrical load.

In January 2020, the California Energy Commission approved a new building code in Davis, CA that encourages the construction of all-electric homes and discourages the use of natural gas to fuel residential appliances and heating systems. This comes after numerous California cities have approved similar initiatives, including Berkeley’s 2019 ordinance banning methane gas infrastructure in new buildings (see Prohibiting Natural Gas (Methane) Infrastructure in New Buildings in this toolbox). By the end of 2020 the three largest Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose had also passed building electrification ordinances.

Goal: California Reach Codes for improved building efficiency: Install solar PV, pre-wire for electric vehicles, install all-electric appliances, use low carbon concrete, or comply with Passive House Institute U.S. Standards

Measurement: Percentage decrease in building energy use compared to California Title 24 standards

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Green Building Requirements Fact Sheet Standards for Compliance – The County of Marin

City of Davis, CA 2019 Ordinance

Berkeley Natural Gas Prohibition & Reach Code for Electrification

Additional Information:

Green Building Requirements – Community Development Agency – County of Marin

All Electric Homes in Davis, CA

Bold Moves on Building Electrification in the San Francisco Bay Area

California’s Cities Lead the Way to a Gas-Free Future

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