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Description: Community Choice Aggregation, also known as Community Choice Energy (abbreviated CCA and CCE by various parties), is a local, not-for-profit governmental program that buys and may generate electrical power on behalf of its residents, businesses, and governmental entities. The agency administering the Community Choice program may also elect to administer energy efficiency programs and other greenhouse gas emission reducing activities.

CCAs are not solely for the purpose of supplying clean energy at competitive rates. Each CCA should have an associated business plan which includes the framework for clean energy initiatives such as supporting locally produced renewable energy; using economies of scale to lower solar installation costs for customers; providing grants for energy innovation; employing union labor for projects; or creating partnerships with customers to manage energy use, e.g., through acquiring battery storage.

East Bay Community Energy, in the San Francisco Bay Area, was the first CCA in the country to start operation with a plan to reinvest in the communities it serves.

Goal: Build community involvement and support for a local, clean energy economy

Measurement: The number of local hires, projects in disadvantaged communities, retrofitted buildings, etc.

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East Bay Community Energy Local Development Business Plan

Additional Information:

CCA By State | LEAN Energy US

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JP Ross
East Bay Community Energy, Vice President of Local Development

Sectors(s) Community Choice Aggregation
Date First Adopted July 18, 2018
Last Updated November 2, 2020
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