This toolbox contains 75 actions already taken by cities, counties, and regional governments which can mitigate the deterioration of the Earth’s climate. Feel free to adapt them to your region.

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Promote lowest feasible carbon emissions

Community Choice Aggregation, Energy / May 04, 2024

Description: Cities and communities around the country are reducing their climate disrupting emissions by cleaning up their electricity supply. In […]

Prohibiting Natural Gas (methane) Infrastructure in New Buildings

Buildings / May 03, 2024

Note: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has struck down the Berkeley, CA ordinance described below. To […]

Reduce heat island effect

Parks & Cool Streets / May 02, 2024

Description: As the effects of climate change become apparent around the world, extreme temperatures are becoming an increasingly urgent concern. […]

Multi-Building Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Buildings, Energy / March 29, 2024

Description: The implementation of networked geothermal, also referred to as community geothermal and geothermal districts, began in the United States […]

Zoning Changes Facilitate Development of Arizona’s Car-Free Community

Transportation & Land Use / February 06, 2024

Description: Cities around the country are reducing or eliminating requirements for off-street parking in new developments, saving developers and residents […]

Use General Plans to Guide Renewables Development and Reduce Climate Emissions from Fossil Fuel Use

Equity, Natural & Working Lands, Transportation & Land Use / July 30, 2023

Description: City and county Comprehensive Plans, also known as General Plans or Master Plans, are long-range plans that guide decision-making; […]

E-bike vouchers to reduce VMT

Equity, Transportation & Land Use / July 26, 2023

Description: Denver residents are receiving instant rebates to buy e-bikes (battery powered bikes) following the city’s implementation of a new […]

Restrict fossil fuel infrastructure development – industrial scale facilities

Energy, Industry, Transportation & Land Use / June 28, 2023

Description: Los Angeles, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; and other cities across America are passing ordinances that prevent […]

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Community Education & Action / April 22, 2023

Description: Students, retirees, faith-based organizations, and others are acting to stop or withdraw investment in the fossil fuel industry. Activists […]

Creating Solar Microgrids for Clean Energy and Resilience

Buildings, Energy / April 22, 2023

Description: Creating a local microgrid improved resilience, expanded local clean energy production, and reduced dependence on transmission lines and remote […]

Community Solar Projects

Energy, Equity / March 26, 2023

Description: Communities around the country are benefiting from access to community solar projects, a distributed solar energy deployment model that […]

Regional air district adopts rule phasing out gas-fired heating appliances

Air Pollution Agencies, Buildings / March 23, 2023

Description: In March of 2023 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) adopted first-in-nation rules to phase out and […]

Reduce VMT by Zoning – Urban Agriculture

Transportation & Land Use / November 29, 2022

Description: Urban agriculture refers to the growing and raising of crops and livestock within a municipality’s boundaries for local consumption. […]

Year-Round Community Garden

Community Education & Action, Transportation & Land Use / November 27, 2022

Description:  The Skidmore College Student Garden is an extension of the College’s Food System Initiative where food grown in the […]

Climate Parking Fee

Equity, Transportation & Land Use / September 30, 2022

Description: The Department of Transportation of Portland, Oregon has increased the cost of parking at city parking meters by $0.20 […]

Restrict fossil fuel infrastructure development – retail facilities

Energy, Industry, Transportation & Land Use / August 12, 2022

Description: In 2019, the City of Petaluma, CA adopted an “Urgency Ordinance” imposing a temporary moratorium on new fueling station […]

Use the ULEZ to improve air quality and reduce pollution

Equity, Transportation & Land Use / March 17, 2022

Description: In 2003, London made history by becoming the first city after Singapore to introduce congestion pricing for vehicles entering […]

Commercial Building Deep Energy Retrofit

Buildings, Energy / March 17, 2022

Description: To reduce carbon emissions from buildings, the City of New York enacted Local Law 97 (LL97) in 2019 as […]

Adopt Climate Emergency Resolution

Community Education & Action / March 09, 2022

Description: Cities, counties, and states in the U.S., and communities around the world, are formally adopting resolutions acknowledging that human […]

Using Low Risk Opt-in Loans to Decarbonize Buildings Equitably

Buildings, Energy, Equity / March 04, 2022

Description: In 2019, the Common Council of Ithaca, New York approved the Ithaca Green New Deal (IGND), which allowed the […]

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